Women, War & Peace

Women, War & Peace


Executive Produced by Abigail Disney,
Gini Reticker and Pam Hogan

Both a five-part PBS series broadcast in late 2011 and on ongoing global screening series, Women, War & Peace asks, “What if we looked at war as though women mattered?” Taking audiences to Bosnia, Afghanistan, Liberia and Colombia, the series uncovers the powerful role of women in conflict and in peace.

Film Sprout assisted the film’s outreach team in its development and execution of a vast, two-year audience development and outreach initiative intended to ignite audience engagement around women’s increased role in global peacebuilding efforts. Consultative tasks included shaping a strategy for post-broadcast audience engagement and education; drafting press releases and media advisories; executing social media communication; crafting and editing issue-based blog posts and op/eds; and creating comprehensive viewing and discussion guides for American broadcast audiences and international advocates in the emerging field of women, peace and security.

Download Women, War & Peace’s Broadcast Viewing Guide and Discussion Guide