Film Sprout is a consulting and distribution firm that helps social-issue filmmakers create
robust community and campus screening initiatives for their documentaries.

We do this work because we love it, but also because we believe in growing the world’s audience for documentary storytelling; serving those who are typically underserved by independent media (including low-income and rural communities and communities of color); supporting independent filmmakers by tapping new revenue sources; and fostering citizen engagement, civic dialogue and social equity.


  • At Film Sprout, we believe that a film's power to elicit good in the world is more about your community and less about your venue. It's more about the cause and less about the critics. It's more about results and less about reviews. That's why we book thousands of community, campus and grassroots screenings each year for films with ambitions to do well by doing good.


    Film Sprout runs screening campaigns for a small slate of documentary features each year. We book hundreds of grassroots screenings for our films, creating a dynamic and effective platform for our filmmakers’ social-action priorities.

    Film Sprout consultations assist filmmakers who wish to use film screenings as a forum for community action. Offering tactical and strategic support, our consultations range from single sessions to ongoing guidance over the course of a film’s public life.

    Film Sprout creates customized film discussion guides, action postcards, screening swag and action tool kits. Our materials facilitate the creative use of film in classroom conversations, on-the-ground organizing, grassroots activism and civic debate.


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Our work runs the gamut from single-hour consulting sessions to year-long, high-intensity screening campaigns—and everything in between. Take a peek at a sampling of recent work, the range of films we’ve had the pleasure of working on and the scope of our engagement with each.



Sonic Sea


Every Last Child


Frame by Frame


Jumbo Wild


The Hunting Ground

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Reel Reproductive Justice

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The Invisible War

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After Tiller


Alive Inside


Race to Nowhere

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Brave Miss World

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Unfinished Spaces

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Bag It

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A Small Act


The End of the Line


Pray the Devil Back to Hell



  • TEAM
    CAITLIN BOYLE executive director
    A pioneer of grassroots distribution for independent films, Caitlin began her career as a journalist, working at NPR affiliates WFIU and WFUV and at New York’s flagship PBS station, WNET. She graduated summa cum laude from Columbia University, with a degree in history, and completed a Master’s in journalism from the Indiana University Graduate School of Journalism.

    After founding Film Sprout, Caitlin became a leading voice for the distribution of documentary films in community settings, and a champion of films’ power to effect grassroots social change. Her presentations have rallied filmmakers at SXSW, Hot Docs, IFP, Sheffield Doc/Fest, the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and The New York Foundation for the Arts, among others. She serves on the board of Brooklyn documentary center UnionDocs, and on the advisory board of NYU’s Cinema Research Institute and the documentary advisory committee of the Paley Center for Media.
    CARLA FLEISHER campaign director
    Carla plays a leading role in Film Sprout’s community and campus screening initiatives.

    Prior to her role at Film Sprout, Carla served as Programs and Media Officer at the nonprofit Peace is Loud, where she led outreach initiatives for films about women’s leadership and peacebuilding. She previously coordinated grassroots distribution efforts while a Community Outreach Coordinator for the PBS series Women, War & Peace and a Project Coordinator for the documentary production company Wicked Delicate.

    Carla holds a B.A. in philosophy-neuroscience-psychology from Washington University in St. Louis.
    LAUREN CUERVO campaign manager
    Lauren supports the daily management of Film Sprout’s featured screening campaigns.

    A 2013 graduate of New York University’s Gallatin School, where she earned a B.F.A in Entertainment Business, Lauren joined Film Sprout in early 2015, after a two-year tenure as an assistant in the New York offices of The Gersh Agency, a premiere talent and literary agency.

    Prior to her role at Gersh, she completed internships at The Weinstein Company, The Vanguard Management Group, and the Patel Conservatory at the Straz Center for the Performing Arts in Tampa.
    DENAE PETERS campaign manager
    Denae supports the daily management of Film Sprout’s featured screening campaigns.

    She joined Film Sprout after a four-year tenure at the Toronto International Film Festival, where she managed the guest relations team responsible for TIFF, TIFF Kids Festival, TIFF Next Wave Festival and Canada’s Top Ten Festival, as well as year-round programming at TIFF Bell Lightbox.

    She holds a Bachelor’s in Commerce from the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada.
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    Film Sprout founder and executive director Caitlin Boyle first broke new ground in independent film distribution in 2007, as the architect of a diverse national screening and outreach tour for the hit food documentary King Corn. As the film opened in select arthouse and independent cinemas, Caitlin was initially tasked with building support for the film’s theatrical release. But she soon felt a huge, untapped groundswell of demand from audiences outside major markets. With proactive nurturing of contacts and creative outreach to community stakeholders—from farmers, to nutritionists, to environmentalists and food justice activists—the film gained robust exposure in hundreds of far-flung community settings where it would have otherwise certainly been missed. Even better, community screening hosts were exhibiting the film in settings that inspired real dialogue, civic engagement, social action and community involvement. And the revenue from screenings outpaced theatrical box-office earnings.

    The seeds of Film Sprout had emerged.

    Since our initial experiments with King Corn, we’ve honed our model, perfected our approach and executed broadly successful community outreach and screening campaigns for more than a dozen award-winning feature documentaries. Along the way, we’ve facilitated thousands upon thousands of community screenings for our clients. Collectively, we’ve also helped them earn millions of dollars in distribution revenue. Meanwhile, we’ve worked behind the scenes to devise or advise the campaigns of more than 200 additional films.

    Film Sprout now enjoys a six-year history of mobilizing local audiences to host, plan and showcase dynamic public screening events that support independent films and their makers. Understanding the power of grassroots settings to become vibrant forums for post-film discussion and community action, Film Sprout runs three major screening campaigns a year, and helps dozens of filmmakers yearly as they design, plan, fund and execute grassroots distribution initiatives on their own.


  • “Caitlin is a true ally to filmmakers; she and her team are talented, transparent, very capable and really fun to work with. They booked hundreds of screenings of Vessel around the world in a creative and individualized campaign—surpassing our impact goals—and helped translate the daunting world of film distribution. Working with Film Sprout was an inspiring and empowering experience.”

    Diana Whitten, Director, Vessel
  • “Film Sprout secured hundreds of paid screenings of our film at festivals, museums, universities, and other non-theatrical venues around the world…and increased revenues and raised the profile of the film beyond what we could have done alone or with traditional distribution.”

    Alysa Nahmias, Co-Director, Unfinished Spaces
  • “Caitlin Boyle is the independent filmmaker’s ultimate Swiss Army knife. Her savvy, creativity and expertise in film distribution, communications and outreach make her an invaluable resource to any project.”

    Vicki Abeles, Director, Race to Nowhere
  • “Film Sprout’s work is absolutely stellar. Caitlin Boyle and her incredibly diligent staff took our pre-existing outreach relationships and built on them to create a stunning outreach campaign. I never imagined we could have gone as far and had as much influence as we have had, and much of the credit for that goes to Film Sprout.”

    Abigail Disney, Producer, Pray the Devil Back to Hell
  • “We would highly recommend that all filmmakers consider working with Caitlin Boyle and Film Sprout for their community outreach campaigns. Caitlin has experience, tenacity, imagination, patience, many connections,and passion…and is also simply very fun to work with.”

    Lisa Valencia-Svensson, Producer, Herman’s House
  • “Film Sprout was the perfect partner for us. Not only did Caitlin Boyle and team help us find partners for community screenings, they helped the film make a real impact. They brought the film to new audiences week after week, raised awareness for the project and were simply a pleasure to work with.”

    Jen Arnold, Director, A Small Act
  • “Film Sprout opened our eyes to new possibilities for non-theatrical distribution and the potential to reach a wider audience. As emerging filmmakers, we really value her spirit and passion for social justice films. Years after our film’s world premiere at Tribeca in 2011, we still say to each other, “Remember when Caitlin said…”

    Marty Syjuco and Michael Collins, Co-Directors, Give Up Tomorrow
  • “Creating a distribution strategy that looks beyond traditional exhibition to locate audiences in their communities and organizations is increasingly essential to successful filmmaking, and no one does that or explains how to do it any better than Film Sprout.”

    Matthew Seig, New York Foundation for the Arts
  • “We heart Film Sprout. Finding Caitlin Boyle and her team was a godsend. When our film first came out, we were overwhelmed with screening requests; Film Sprout stepped in, and with efficient, professional and friendly service, increased our screenings tenfold. We are still in awe and incredibly proud of the grassroots way in which our film reached so many people.”

    Michelle Hill, Producer, Bag It
  • “Making a film is one thing; enhancing the prospects that a film will have an enduring impact in the world is quite another. We are indebted to Film Sprout for providing the expertise that enabled us to craft an intelligent, creative and, above all, concrete strategy for our outreach and audience engagement campaign.”

    Rebecca Richman Cohen, Director, Code of the West
  • “Reaching the college and community market was critical to our strategy. Film Sprout not only got us there, but also came up with other inventive ways of getting attention for the film…and earning us revenue.”

    Christo Hird, Executive Producer, The End of the Line


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